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We create smart Awareness solutions for shipping operators.

Log is our type approved Electronic record book (eLog) solution. Designed to replace paper logbooks onboard.

BOQA is an automatic event tracker platform for detecting Close encounters, Route deviations, heavy weather on route and much more. Available also with Inmarsat Fleet Data, DaneleConnect and KNL WaveAccess COLLECT and with support for Navtor Navtracker.

Desk is designed for Spot Chartering and Operations and provides a uniquely fast drag-and-drop timeline functionality.

Snapshot is a real-time monitoring and tracking platform with built-in IoT and live video capabilities.

White label is an option if you need what we have, but don’t have the time to build it yourself.

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In today’s world more and more business is done on-the-go. That’s why we design all our solutions to be mobile friendly and easily accessible on any device.

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