We track 29 event types

Did you know that our BOQA solution can currently track 29 different operational quality event types. These include Navigation, AIS, Compliance, Weather and Motion events.

Navigation events

The navigation events include:

  • Cross track error
  • Safety corridor breach
  • Active route
  • No-Go Zones
  • Speed (compared to plan)
  • Heading deviation
  • Unscheduled Stop (and start) at Sea

AIS events

The AIS events include currently:

  • Collision risk level by CPA/TCPA
  • Close encounters and proximity
  • AIS-status changes to NUC, Rest.Man, Rest.Draught and Aground


Compliance events check when the ship enters and exits:

  • PSSA areas
  • ECA areas
  • High Risk Areas


Weather is an all important factor and we keep track of following:

  • High winds in Port and at Sea
  • High winds and waves on route, ie Route weather forecast

Motion events

Motion events are derived from the built-in motion sensor in our IoT unit and we monitor following events:

  • Steady list
  • Heavy roll
  • Passenger comfort
  • Rate-of-Turn
  • Sway or transverse acceleration

Is there more?

Not seeing the events you are interested in? Give us a call and let’s see how your challenge can be solved. We also look forward to introducing more event types in the near future.