28 August 2023:

Northern Baltic Sea ferry operator Tallink Grupp, which operates vessels under the Silja Line and Tallink brands, has selected the Finnish-developed nauticAi Log™ type approved electronic record book for its fleet of ships, with the Swedish-flagged cruise ferry Silja Symphony as the first one to go paperless. The adoption of the electronic logbook on Silja Symphony comes after a thorough 6-month trial period, during which time the system has been fine-tuned in close cooperation with the ship’s crew to fulfil the various logging needs of both the company and the Swedish flag. Among key advantages of the system is the automated collection of EU-MRV, DCS and CII emission reporting data.

“We switched to paperless engine logbooks here on Silja Symphony from 1 June and feel that this is a good step towards even more modern and digitalised operations as well as our overall sustainability goal of going paperless. In general, we see that a digital log has both pros and cons, although the pros clearly outweigh the cons. For example, the electronic Oil Record Book (ORB) is clearly better than the paper equivalent, both in legibility and in the ease of getting it signed by the Master. All in all, I feel that the implementation of the new digital logbook has been going well and the customer support during the process has been excellent!” – Marcus Åkerholm, Chief Engineer of Silja Symphony, said.

nauticAi Log™ is developed by the Finnish maritime IT innovator nauticAi and represents a new breed in the expanding electronic record book market. The logbook is designed in accordance with international regulations, such as IMO Res. A.916(22), ISO 21745:2019 and IMO MEPC.312(74) and can be used to replace paper logbooks and fully digitalize the capture of logbook data to reporting systems and business intelligence solutions. nauticAi Log sets itself apart from the competition with three main points. First point is the open API structure that enables easy and cheap integration to third-party systems and company IT processes. The second point is the large number of industry-leading logic functions, which have been finely tuned to offer a superb ease-of-use by the Crew onboard. And the third point is the fabulously fantastic support nauticAi offers to its customers.

Tallink Grupp’s sustainability strategy aims to reduce the use of paper in different business areas across the group. Many steps have been taken over the years to achieve this goal and the digital logbooks will be another big step forward towards the paperless goal. As the Silja Symphony pilot with the digital logs has been a success, the company is already trialling the nauticAi logbooks also on its vessel Baltic Princess already and plans to roll out the digital solution across its fleet in the near future.

About nauticAi

Founded in 2018, nauticAi is the SaaS-brand from the founders of Finland’s leading maritime IT-startup Fleetrange. nauticAi specializes in Intelligent Maritime Awareness and IoT solutions for shipping operators.

nauticAi Log

About Tallink Grupp

Tallink Grupp is the leading European provider of leisure and business travel and sea transportation services in the northern Baltic Sea region. Tallink owns and operates a fleet of 15 vessels under two strong brands – Tallink and Silja Line. The company is listed on Nasdaq Tallinn (TAL1T) and Nasdaq Helsinki (TALLINK).

Tallink offers sea transportation with mixed tonnage concept vessels, meaning all vessels have car-decks and offer transportation also for ro-ro cargo and passenger vehicles. The company’s offering to passengers includes both short two-hour connections between Tallinn and Helsinki (shuttle service) and overnight cruises on various Baltic Sea routes.

Tallink’s vision is to be the market pioneer in Europe by offering excellence in sustainable leisure and business travel and sea transportation services.


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Capt. Henrik Ramm-Schmidt
CEO and Founder of nauticAi and Fleetrange

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