nauticAi Log is an ISO 21745:2019 and IMO MEPC.312(74), MEPC.372(80) and Res. A.916(22) compliant fully featured 21st century electronic logbook solution, with best-in-class features, functions, flexibility and interfaces.

Approved or accepted as full replacement for paper logbooks by a growing number of Flag states, including Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Malta, Singapore and Marshall Islands.

Prices starting from 99eur/ship/month.

And the customer service is simply superb!

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What is an eLog?

Electronic logbooks – or eLogs for short – are digital solutions designed to replace traditional paper logbooks onboard ships. This includes logbooks such as Deck, Engine and GMDSS, and IMO/MARPOL record books such as Oil Record Book, Cargo Record Book and Ballast Water Record book.

The true value in eLogs comes from standardisation of data entry, built-in error and sanity checks and ability to utilise the logbook data in other systems, such as onboard statusboards, ERP systems, EU MRV/DCS reporting and performance monitoring. 

Electronic logbooks and record books are primarily Flag state matters, but these days we also have international rules and regulations related to eLogs, such as ISO 21745:2019, IMO MEPC.312(74), MEPC.372(80) and IMO Res. A.916(22) and MSC.333(90).

Where can I get an eLog?

Elogs have been around for 10+ years and there are nowadays at least 30+ suppliers of these solutions, such as Kongsberg, Rina/Sertica, StratumFive, MariApps, Telko/Safepath, Gruppo IB, Napa, Samsung Heavy Industries SVESSEL®, Raytheon Anschütz, OneOcean/Chartco, Navtor, ABS, SPICA, Marsig and Weilbach. Elogs range from highly sophisticated and interconnected (and most of the time expensive) solutions to simple digital paper applications. Some of the suppliers favor a client/server desktop application architecture (like we do), while others are web/browser based. Most of the suppliers have started with digitizing the MARPOL Oil Record Book and then extending in some way to cover deck and engine logbooks, while some have built their systems from scratch to support all types of logs (like we did).

The founders of nauticAi have more than 10 years experience working with electronic logbooks and the multitude of requirements, needs and wishes of the most demanding shipping customers in the world. We naturally believe that our own solution beats all the others in quality, features, integrations, usability and especially price! 

nauticAi Log can be yours for as little as 99€/month.

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eLog work process

The eLog work process is simple and robust. Entries in various logbooks can be created manually or automatically from sensor and other triggers. As per rules and regulations all data must then be manually verified by a named user and finally signed by the Captain.

What we provide

Simple to use

nauticAi Log is designed by sailors and for sailors and we pride ourselves with a super simple main view that shows all relevant data at a glance. No need to scroll through lists, jump in menus or double press a lot of buttons.

Elegant in features

Simplicity does not mean reduction in features and we pride ourselves with having THE MOST COMPLETE feature-set of any elog in the world. Auto-values, drop-down lists, port database, calculations, logic checks, external APIs, multiple backup-layers, triggers, attachments, statusboards, Excel export, ISO 21745:2019, IMO MEPC.312(74) etc.

Customizable without cost

We know that each and every company and ship is different and therefore our logbook system is designed to be easily customized to your needs. And we don’t charge you extra for customization of entry templates or APIs and integrations, like most of the other suppliers do!

Robust and cyber secure

nauticAi Log is a true 21st century digital solution, with robust offline-capabilities, multi-level backups and end-to-end encrypted data handling and storage. Designed in accordance with Flag state rules and ISO and IMO standards and guidelines.


One of the really cool features in our log is the possibility to extremely easily setup fully custom statusboard views on logbook data. These are typically needed by the Engine department where it is crucially important to easily check the daily status of multiple engine parameters, manual readings, running hours, fuel consumption and such like.  Setup is simple as the Engineers can prepare the desired layout using standard Excel tables and we then import this layout and connect the data.

Open APIs and integrations

nauticAi Log is a modern operational IT solution and this means that we naturally have an open API structure, where external systems and data sources can both feed data to the log and use the data from the log. Examples include feeding in data from sensors and checklists and then pushing data to checklists, company data warehouse or the nauticAi BOQA cloud platform.

Main features

nauticAi Log is a monthly subscription service with zero up-front investment (excl third-party costs) and one-month cancellation.


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