What is BOQA for KNL WaveAccess?

BOQA is a methodology adopted from the Flight industry. The basic idea is to use sensor and external data to analyse human operational quality and deviations from normal behaviour. You can read more about the BOQA concept here.

BOQA for KNL WaveAccess is an easy way to utilise and visualise ship sensor data from the WaveAccess COLLECT IoT solution.

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What we provide


Track your fleet

BOQA provides seamless tracking by combining your KNL WaveAccess data with terrestrial and satellite AIS and global weather forecasts.


Monitor events

BOQA makes it really easy to monitor events. We use AI-assisted analytics to do it all for you!


Ensure compliance

Have you ever needed to check Charter Party compliance? Well, we make this super simple with our special C/P Compliance graph. 


Analyse performance

BOQA for KNL WaveAccess includes powerful, easy and fast timeseries analytics tools. This makes it a breeze to dig deeper into operational profiles.

Main features of BOQA

What does it cost?
BOQA trial - 2 months free
BOQA subscription - 199,-/ship/month

Our service is a monthly subscription, which is an additional service to your existing KNL WaveAccess subscription. Terms and conditions are similar to your KNL contract.

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Interested to give it a try?

We currently offer KNL WaveAccess customers a two month free BOQA-trial for up to 4 ships in the fleet. If you do not yet have KNL WaveAccess or want to learn more, we will be happy to show you how it works in our Live-demo. Drop us a line at sales@nauticai.com.

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